Life Groups

"I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

John 10:10

Life Groups are committed, short-term small groups through which we can build authentic relationships, discover our spiritual gifts, and empower ourselves to serve our neighbors. Through Life Groups, we will create and sustain lifelong relationships with other people of faith. We will share in the journey of faith with one another, and we will be Christ in this world for one another and the world.

Life Groups will enable people to experience God and others in a variety of ways, so whether you are looking for a group that focuses deeply on Bible study, a book study, a special interest, or a devotion with time for reflection and conversation, you are sure to find the right Life Group for you. And if you don't, why not lead your own Life Group? 

Fall Life Groups Registration is Closed.

Winter Life Group registration begins January 20. If you would like to lead a winter or spring Life Group, contact Pastor Tyler Strom or Lydia Svenulski.

Fall Groups

Stay At-Home Moms Group

Wednesdays beginning Oct. 3 |6:30 PM at Ariel Olmscheid’s home
Leader:       Ariel Olmscheid

Walking Group

Tuesdays beginning Oct. 2 | 9 AM at Word of Peace
Leaders:     Steve & Pat Cina

Cooking/Potluck Group

Sundays beginning Oct. 7 | 5 PM at Leah Colby’s home
Leaders: Leah Colby and Michelle Andersen

50’s & 60’s Couples Bible Study Group

Thursdays beginning Oct. 4 | 7 PM at the Messenbrink’s home
Leaders: Clark & Julie Messenbrink

Parenting Book Group
Tuesdays beginning October 2 | 6:30 PM at Word of Peace
Leader: Brandi Snell

Family Group (Parents and Children)

Sundays beginning Sept. 30 | 6 PM at the Van De Riet home
Leaders: Mike & Karee Van De Reit

Good News/Positivity Group

Initial Meeting is Sunday, September 30 | 12:15 PM at Word of Peace
Further meeting dates/times will be determined at the initial meeting.

Leader: Julayne Mayer


Questions? Contact Pastor Tyler Strom, Pastor of Faith in Action, or Lydia Svenulski, Director of Adult Ministry for more information.